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Nintendo Direct: By the way, the Chrono Cross-Remaster could be a final fantasy 9

Chrono Cross comes again in a Remaster Edition for the Nintendo Switch. That was announced yesterday at the Nintendo Direct. At the same time, that could mean that the rumors around two final fantasy remakes could vote. All three titles were discovered in one and the same leak and when Chrono Cross actually appears as a Remaster, the remakes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 9 also makes much more likely.

Chrono Cross really comes, so maybe FF Tactics and Final Fantasy 9

That’s why it’s time: The time-honored Chrono Cross-RPG appears as suggested was actually once again as a Remaster, in the Radical Dreamers Edition. This means that Square Enix not only reveals the game itself, but also the prehistory Radical Dreamers: The forbidden treasure as a audio novel grabs. In addition, the whole thing is of course somewhat picked up and improved.

It is best to see the trailer:

Maybe that means that the other games really come who were discovered in the Great Leak from a few months ago. Some have already been confirmed and announced, but Chrono Cross makes it much more likely that the other hand-acting Square Enix games are actually in progress.

The final fantasy rumors? More specifically, this is especially concerned about Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 9. For both games, the Great Nvidia Leak should be a remake or Remaster in making. That would fit very well and make busy fans happy. Also the journalists and industry insider Jason Schreier:

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How a remake of Final Fantasy 9 could look like and more about the Nvidia Leak can be read in this Nintendo Switch article. Why Final Fantasy 9 could be the best part of the series, Nintendo Switch-Masterminds Hannes and Linda have written up for you here:

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Final Fantasy 9

We ask ourselves: Is the PS1 classic the best part?


If this should not be enough: At the Nintendo Direct yesterday evening a lot of surprises and announcements were delivered. Splatoon 3 has a release period, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe receives 48 new routes and much more. All announcements of the Direct can be found here in the overview.

What would you look for more? On Final Fantasy Tactics or FF9?