Ghostwire: Tokyo Preview: A misty and unnatural trip by Tokyo

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GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo seems to be the type of video game that you really need to be played to be completely understood. That said, so it has been shown so far, including a recent prolonged presentation attended by comicbook.com, it seems that it will scratch the itch of anyone who seeks to play a somewhat creepy action and adventure mystery with glorious high. – Visual Definition.

In the title, the players assume the role of Akito, a man who survives a mysterious disappearance in the modern Tokyo thanks to that he also survived a fatal accident al… Having the spirit of a veteran ghost hunter, KK, merging with his Body. A dangerous fog has wrapped Shibuya, isolating her from the rest of the world, and Akito and Kk must discover what happened and confronted the masked character, Hannya, who settled everything in motion.

This, of course, is easier said than doing it now that humans are basically not beyond a few here and there. The streets of Shibuya are full of supernatural enemies called visitors who can not be damaged in a normal way. Instead, Akito and KK mainly use something called Ethereal Weaving, which is a lot of different gestures with their hands to fight. There are some other weapons available for Akito, as a kind of mystic arc, but it seems that the aforementioned gestures will be the most common.

The images of Ethereal Weaving are very impressive, and all the elements (wind, water and fire to attack and earth to block) have appropriate elegant effects. Starting the exposed nuclei of the visitors after a couple of blows seems to be the easiest way to cause a lot of damage, and it seems that that is something that everyone looks for. GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo will do a lot during your time with the title.

The main problem with a presentation without intervention and videos of game in general is that it is difficult to have an idea of ​​the rhythm of combat, and that seems to be a large part of what ghostwire: Tokyo is about. In some moment, it seemed to be a bit clumsy or slow, and although the visitors, the spirits and the Yokai that lurk in Tokyo can be disturbing or even adorable as the feline spirits that work as shopkeepers, there was never a real sensation of tension or urgency when facing visitors. Each new enemy often seemed more a temporary nuisance and less as something imminently dangerous.

Akito and KK can also clean dangerous fog areas cleaning corrupt torii doors. It is not clear exactly how these doors were corrupted first or what could be the general purpose of cleaning them, but ultimately seems to make the areas less difficult to go through and it is worth looking for them. Fortunately, clean them seems to be relatively simple, but find them and eliminate enough enemies to give the player time to do it is not always simple.

Easily, the most impressive part of the presentation was to see Akito and KK entangled in a distortion of reality. Apparently, this is something that happens regularly in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and none of the normal rules to cross Tokyo seems to be applied here. The game plays with the design of the level in the same way as in 2006. Presa at least in terms of connecting part with another, in a way that supports the disturbing and unnatural environment that is already present in the rest of the game In a honestly exciting way.

In the section shown, Akito and KK had to destroy a barrier of stones to escape a building while reality was distorted around it. As they moved by the building, the walls that surrounded them changed from one room to another, with the top down or an insurmountable room that disappeared completely, becoming anything more than a closet after the stone barrier It was knocked down inside.

In recent years, digital views without intervention such as this have become increasingly common for obvious reasons, and it is always difficult to have a clear idea of ​​what any game that is shown in this way has to offer. In my own experience, the only significant way to measure a preview of this type is: Am I more enthusiastic about the title than before? I want to know more about what has been known? Does it look like the type of video game in which it seems to be worth spending time once it is thrown? Fortunately for me, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda, the answer at three is “yes”, even if it is qualified.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5
Reservation Ghostwire: Tokyo in Best Buy (Steelbook bonus) GHOSTWire: Tokyo is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 5 and PC on March 25. Anyone who reserves the Deluxe Digital Edition of the Video Game through PlayStation Store will also have anticipated access from March 22. You can check all our previous coverage of the next Gameworks tango video game and Bethesda here.