Light Control, New Rise of Stars NFT Dictionary Sales

New Mobile Games (ROSE OF STARS, Lesson ROS), developed by WMATE MAX (Joint Representative Jang Hyun Buk, Lee Gil-hyung), is a global market target, After the open, I set up a record that was all perpetished.

In January, the primary dictionary sales in January were completed early after sales of 756 and 748 secondary sales, which started on February 10, and 748 total quantities, including 748 total quantities, are completed for about 1/1-hour immediately after the opening.

Through this, the first strategy simulation game (SLG) was confirmed by the first strategy simulation game (SLG) for ROS.

This will be the biggest NFT Project in 2022 | The Meta Stars

ROS features a large-scale war, as well as a large-scale war, as well as a vast space background, and a strange implantation, and a strange, planet, and the like. In addition, in addition to the strategy for expanding the forces, it is possible to find a rich resource in the summer world and attack the opponent’s camp and enjoy the battle.

Meanwhile, ROS has aimed at global launch, currently in advance through Google Play and Apple App Store, and also provided an air-driven event that provides a total of 100,000 sizes on a total of 100,000 sizes, commemorating advance reservations.