Reasons, contract, successor: questions and answers about the Eberl

What reasons Led Eberl?

With tears in the eyes, the 48-year-old was sitting on the podium and named health reasons that would have moved him to farewell. “I have no more power to practice this job as it would be necessary. It is not a vulnerable pride, no frustration, no something. Pure the person Max Eberl is exhausted and tired,” Eberl said. He also confirmed that there has been a praillance of resumption. “That’s why I talked to the club over the past few weeks and months to finish my 23 years at Borussia. I finish something my life was.”

The leadership of Borussia about President Rolf King had long tried to move Eberl to a whereabouts. “We highlighted everything to hold him. That did not succeed,” said King’s. After a “crucial conversation” (king) on ​​Thursday afternoon, the farewell final was decided. “We have respected that, not accepted,” says kings. “We are sad. We did not expect that. That’s a crap tag.” Eberl: “The club tried everything to convince me. He has opened me all the doors, given all the possibilities to find time and rest. But I have to find a line. I have to take out. I have to take care of people.”

How does Eberl continue?

First of all, a break is on. Eberl wants to switch off from football, find peace, recharge your batteries. In the industry, Eberl would be an interesting offer of another club. RB Leipzig would not be after reasons Led information, the Saxons have another solution in view. Eberl assured, behind his decision, there is no planned change to another club: “If anyone believes I do that because I want a club change – forget that, I just want to get out.”

Has Eberl’s contract been resolved?

That was not language on the press conference. But the reasons Led knows: The contract valid until 2026 only. Means: If Eberl wants to connect a new club during this period, this club would have to negotiate with the Borussia about a transfer.

Who will become Eberls successor?

For the next time, the largest area of ​​responsibility Steffen Korell, Borussia’s Director Scouting. Korell was Eberl’s right hand and in recent years anyway in player and transfer questions a very crucial person. After reasons Led information, KORELL BORUSSIAS was the first contact person to succeed in the long term the Eberl succession. But: The 50-year-old continues to see as a squad planner and has asked the club to look for another solution.

Supports in the near future, especially with a view to the current transfer period, Korell is from Vice President Rainer Bonhof and Managing Director Stephan Schippers. “We have a great man with Steffen Korell, who refrain from the contacts,” says Bonhof. “We will then meet the decisions together what the handling of possible requests are concerned.” The search for a new sports director, the “external solution” (king), has already started.

Which candidates are traded?

It is already speculated about many names. However, Rouven Schröder, who has ever come to Gladbach in recent years as a personnel reinforcement for Eberl to Gladbach, should continue to drive the major project Schalke 04. Sven Mislint sees his future apparently on the VfB Stuttgart, has probably not been contacted. The Dieter Hecking brought into the game is not in the race.

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How is the transfer questions continue?

In the background is movement in it, until transfer lock could do something else. Farewell candidates, which could also rinse money in January in January, include Denis Zakaria, Matthias Ginter, Marcus Thuram, Alassane Plea or Ramy Bensbaini. Bonhof said, “At the moment still rest.”