Animal Tailor Zouma threatens in national team

Kurt Zouma threatens for the allegations of animal cruelty the outward throw from the French football national team.

Michail Antonio gives a powerful response when asked about teammate Kurt Zouma

“It can happen when players make mistakes that I do not occupy them for a while. That can happen here too,” said National Trainer Didier Deschamp’s TV channel “France 3”.

Zouma had taken care of great outrage with a video on the internet, in which he abused a cat in front of a child’s eyes. In the clip was to see how the defender of the English Premier League Club West Ham United the cat as a football kicks and farmed with shoes.

On top of that, the 27-year-old beats the animal with the shallow hand. The British animal welfare organization RSPCA determines against Zouma and has taken his cats for the time being in care.

“It’s something unacceptable, unbearable, an unspeakable cruelty. These pictures are shocking and unbearable,” said Deschamps.

Zouma had apologized for his behavior and referred to as an isolated incident, which would not be repeated. In the clubs he was sentenced to a high fine, British media reported by converted just under 300,000 euros.