Final Fantasy XIV

If you keep only the Kore, “What is it?” “FF14” Healer is 7 points to teach people who think that it will be too burring

In battle content in MMORPG “ FINAL FANTASY XIV “, it is a “healer” that has an important role that supports party lines. In the player who has not yet challenged the healer, there are many people who think that “I want to do a healer, but anxious and anxiety…”?

If you learn the basics as a healer, you should also disappear. This time, we summarized the introductory guide for adventurers who want to have a new healer.

# 1. Healer class only “illugee”! Jobs choose from 4

There are four healer jobs, but the healer class that can be selected by the new US player that starts adventure or starting the adventure will only be selected by the “illuge”. If you’re a healer beginner, let’s practice it from a vantalist. You can receive an order to receive a banishment quest for the Job “White Mage” when you complete the illuge Lv30 class quest and the Lv20 main quest “Abra”.

As an aside, complete the illusion runner Lv30 Class Quest, a subquest that can obtain a special mount. You can order from the NPC “Brayya” in the illusioner guild, so let’s get a mount.

In order to become a “scholar”, you will start with a threespeople who are a caster (remote magic DPS). Similar to the white mage, the scholar Lv30 Class Quest and Lv20 Main Quest “Abra’s Mexus” will occur, causing scholar banishment quests.

“Astrology” can be received an order for a ban quest with fighter / Sorcerer Lv50 or higher. However, in order to reach the “Ishugard: upper / St. Gunrior Astrology”, which is a sales order place, you have to proceed to Lv50 Main Quest “Ishugard” to a specific stage.

The newly implemented “Sage” in the latest expansion package “Naruki’s Finale” is a Fighter / Sorcerer Lv 70 or higher. Lima Romina: You can order from the “North Fire Women” in the lowered plate layer. Of course, it is also a mandatory condition that you have the right of “Tanuki’s Finale”.

# 2. Check the effects of various recovery techniques

Even if it is a recovery technique, the effect and feeling of use differ depending on the action to learn. Recovery amounts, of course, ally alone recovery and total recovery, one-time recovery and continuation recovery (called HOT), there are differences such as chance to cast. We will use these actions according to the battle situation.

However, it is difficult to remember the effect of all actions suddenly. If you try to check when you learn new actions at level up, you should remember it forever.

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# 3. Understand the characteristics of “Pure Healer” and “Barrier Healer”

While continuing the adventure with FF14, you can see the term “Pure Healer (PH)” and “Barrier Healer (BH)”. PH and BH differ depending on the detailed way.

Here, we will explain PH · BH at the time of “Naruki’s Finale” release.

The main task is to recover a greatly reduced HP. White Magicians and astrologists are applicable and are a job that has a long time to recover.

The barrier healer is the main task to reduce the amount of damage received by deploying barriers before receiving damage. The scholar and the sage fall under the barrier healer and have a wealth of actions with a barrier effect.

First of all, let’s try touching the job and choose to meet you.

4. If the friend’s HP decreases, prioritize recovery from the attack

Even if it is a sturdy tank, I will decrease HP if I’m continuing to be attacked. It depends on the battle situation, but even if the Tank HP is about half the HP of the tank will be recovered by “Care” and “Emotional Encouragement Measures”, “Benefin”, etc.

The wise man is attacking the recovery effect (often tanks) that gives “Cardenia” just attacking, but the amount of recovery is modest, so the oil is prohibited. Support the party in the recovery action, such as “Diagnosis” or “Eucrassia Diagnosis”.

Depending on the circumstances, it is also important to interrupt attacks and concentrate on recovery. It is prioritized to calm down and make a party.

# 5. Recovery Priority is “I> Tank> DPS”

Parties may be destructive, such as when the partial member HP is reduced. It tends to be panic if this happens, but let’s calm down a party calmly.

The highest priority should secure your own HP. If the healer falls down, depending on the party configuration, there is no recovery role, and there is also a deployment of annihilation of the party member. First, restore yourself and return the HP of the tank that earns hostility.

Solution when multiple party members have become uncomfortable

There are also cases where multiple party members are uninteroperable at the same time. Let’s look at the Tank’s HP status, calmly and resuscitate one by 1. If the tank becomes uncontrollable, it will occur at the highest priority.

Eight-person content will be the priority of “Main Tank (MT)> Meeting Healer> Resuscitation Magic DPS> Subtink (ST)> Other DPS. Resuscitation Magic DPS applies to a Summoner who learns “Resignek” with Lv12 and a red magician who learns “Vallas” with Lv64. If the level in the content is 64 or more, the characteristic “continuous magic” will increase the priority of the red magician who can continuously live Valleys.

If there are four or more compact members, if the limit break gauge is full, you may be able to activate the Healer’s LB3 and set it at once.

# 6. Debuff with the upper line can be released with “Estna”

Of the debuffs granted from the enemy during the battle, the upper part of the icon may have a white line. This is a mark that can be canceled by the Healer Rol Action “Estna”.

Sometimes the effect time is short, but it is also possible that it is long and several tens of seconds. In some debt, it is a point you want to remember absolutely because it will not be compactable if you do not cancel it with the ESNA in the effect time.

# 7. “Quick magic” preserves emergency

The role action “prompt magic” that can be used by the healer and caster has the effect of triggering one magical action used within 10 seconds without changing. It takes 60 seconds to recast, but is a useful ability to be useful for the healer caster.

In the case of a healer, it would be nice to be preserved for the casting time with a long resuscitation magic. It can also occur in an instant when the ally becomes non-fighting.

There is no way that there are many players who are too burdened…. However, please take courage and challenge even more than giving up before you do it. If you are anxiety, you can practice many times in the “Beginner’s Museum”, and you may be able to recruit help in the “party recruitment” function and the Free Company Link Shell Beginner Channel.

Please practice the steady practice and get used to the healer little by little.