Final Fantasy XIV

The end of Endwalker will link history so far

Last updated February 21, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV is not like many other mmo, and much of this is history. With all you love in the Final Fantasy intrigues spread over hundreds of game hours on several arches, and it is this strong emphasis on the story that means that it needs a satisfactory end – from Less, this is what the director Naoki Yoshida says, like the next Endwalker extension will do it. to finish history so far.

Addressing PC Gamer, Yoshida said: “Final Fantasy 14 is very unique for a MMO in that it is strongly focused on history. It is true that we can continue to stretch the story, but giving the highest point of this current history arch, we create a new experience that players can not get other mmo. »

“I clearly indicated that we would continue to create new content, but especially for Endwalker, it was exciting for me and my team to think about the type of end that we represent through the story with this kind of game. »

It should be noted that Final Fantasy XIV as we know it is actually a restart of the deceased original version (hence the subtitle A Realm Reborn used for the initial version), which ended with the warriors of The light fighting a final battle and – at least in the story of the restart – have their identities forgotten by those who knew them. Could we attend another progressive restart in the same vein, keep things fresh while ending the current scenario?

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To add to the finality, Yoshida confirmed that unlike previous extensions, which accompanied a multitude of new challenges and scenarios in the following DLC, Endwalker will solve all ends of the basic game.

“It’s not just the final of a single extension pack, but the end of a long saga, so I wanted to make it as grand as possible. Since we allocate the most development resources to the creation of the extension pack itself, this in the frame of Endwalker could realize this wish. »

Where will Final Fantasy XIV go from here? Well, it remains to be seen, but the story as we know it ends, like all the good stories.

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