Final Fantasy XIV

This great TIFA Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 ensures astonishment

The Cosplay fans among you are also at their expense just before the weekend. The artist Yuna Kairi , who has already paid attention several times by her costumes and cladding. Recently, she has chosen a well-known role-playing game: Final Fantasy 7 .

Impressive TIFA Cosplay

Above all, the character TiFa seems to have the artist to have done, because from her cosplay she has already published several photos in her Instagram account. These are absolutely worth seeing, because in the production of the right costume she gave a lot of effort. It starts with the individual garments with the loving accessories and does not listen to the coherent staging of the pictures for a long time.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan Shows Off Incredibly Accurate Tifa Cosplay !

In general, your Instagram account is a good point of contact for all cosplay fans. Because in the past months and years, Yuna Kairi has made numerous costumes and let himself clear. This ranges from Kefka Sakizo from Final Fantasy 6 to Poison Ivy from the DC Universe . Just look at her!


Even more cosplays from the gaming world [/ h2] It is not the first cosplay of TIFA from Final Fantasy 7, which has attention in the younger past. Only recently we had reported similar panels. But other gaming cosplays are worth a closer look. This ranges from Ellie’s oppressive staging to The Last of US 2 to Chun-Li from Street Fighter 2. Also Cosplay’s from the world of The Witcher 3 are still high in the course.

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