Ubisoft employees protest against the initiative with NFTS

A few months ago, the existence of ubisoft quartz was revealed, a platform dedicated to the distribution of NFTS on some of the most popular games of the company. This initiative started with _ Ghost Recon: Breakpoint _, and it was a resounding failure. Despite this, ubisoft insists on moving forward with the NFTs, and even said that “the public simply did not understand them”. Well, now his own employees have protested against this.

According to a new report of Bloomberg , ubisoft communicated with your employees to detail your plans related to blockchain and nfts. The response that the company obtained was mainly negative, and hundreds of workers mentioned not to agree with it. Jason Schreier, Reporter of Bloomberg , cited some of the shared messages internally:

“Are we competing with EA for the title to the study more hated by the public? Because that’s how it is d1. ”

“Do you know what else it also generates a lot of money? Make funny, spectacular and innovative box office successes. Why do not we focus on that instead? “

Ubisoft has not yet spoken about it, but never to say that things are not dating as they anticipated. We will see if in the future you rethink the idea of ​​moving forward with the NFTs, or if effectively, they will become one of the most hated videogame developers in the industry,

Ubisoft Devs Mass Rebel Against Execs' NFT Push With Hundreds Of Negative Posts On Internal Forum

Editor’s note: If I had to bet, I would say that it is a matter of time before Ubisoft reaches. Not even EA is currently interested in getting into the NFT market, and generally speaking, the community does not agree that the NFTs reach gaming.