“Kawagami” Provided in each country including Japan, the brand has changed, Chinas authorities regulations background or established the new brand “HOYOVERSE”

Mihoyo announced the launch of the new brand “ HOYOVERSE ” for overseas.

“HOYOVERSE” means expanding content production, technical research and expansion of publishing work at establishments such as Tokyo and Los Angeles. The brand joint founder and CEO’s Hugh Tsai commented, “We will work on technical research and innovation and work to create enough content to meet players’ expectations for virtual world experiences.” Is.

In China with Mihoyo headquarters, national paper “Economic Reference” is an online game “mental open”. Chinese authorities also regulate the national censorship, communication restrictions by the Great Firewall, and regulate game platforms such as STEAM. After this regulation, there were a number of Chinese game related companies’ bankruptcy.

In addition, the authorities also refer to the national telecommunications, and the content that promotes unhealthy trends such as Mihoyo has taken measures such as changing the character costume of “Harami” and changing the character costume of “Katsushi”. With this new brand establishment, relatively restrictions may be loose and aim for commercial development over overseas.

In this point, the current original mihoyo title, including “Harami God”, etc. is currently changed to “HOYOVERSE”.