NFL – Crossband Rise at Odell Beckham Jr.: This is how the future of the star sees

Odell Beckham Jr. has appeared on the victory of his Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl Lvi, apparently to the cruciate ligament in the left knee. This confirmed a source of the NFL insider Ian Rapoport. It is not the first serious violation of the 29-year-old – whose future is now completely unclear.

First, Albert Breer had reported Sports Illustrated above that the Rams fear a cruciate ligament tear on Obj. He had in the match against the Cincinnati Bengals (23:20) just before the break at a tried catch the knee without foreign action and had gone to the ground. After a break, he was finally brought by the field, finally celebrated the title on the sideline and could not retire the tears.

“Thanks for your love and support,” he writes shortly after the game on Twitter. “God already fits me on me, he always had a plan. He made me a World Champion! I’m so thankful!”

For Beckham Junior, it is not the first serious injury to the left knee: In October 2020, he had torn the cruciate ligament in Jersey of Cleveland Browns, meaning the premature season end. In the past season, OBJ completed six Games for the Browns (no touchdown) before being fired on November 8th.

Three days later, he signed a contract until the end of the season at the Rams, where he opposed to expect the power carrier up-swing and the passing game of quarterback Matthew Stafford reinforced: in eight missions in the Regular Season he scored five touchdowns, in four playoffs he came On a total of 316 yards and two scores.

In the Super Bowl against the Bengals Beckham Jr. succeeded the first touchdown of the game, before his injury he stood at two catches for a total of 52 yards. Without him, the Passing Game of the Rams in the second half was much heavier, even though it was the victory in the end.

Obj was comforted in the half-time break of teammate Robert Woods: The Wide Receiver had been torn the cruciate ligament in November. “I spent a bit of time with him in the cabin and just kept him,” revealed Woods. “It’s hard for him, he has already taken a lot in his career.” Beckham Jr. But be a fighter: “He will come back even more, hopefully with us.”

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Odell Beckham Jr.: How about the receiver?

As with the Star Receiver, whose star was once rising at the New York Giants, is unclear: In his short-term contract with the Rams, OBJ has earned and demonstrated a total of three million dollars thanks to various bonuses and Super-Bowl profit. that he can always deliver at the highest level.

In March he will become the unrestricted free agent. The Rams would have liked to held him, but they are already above the Salary Cap and could have offered him only with a lot of effort a higher doped contract for several years. Now the situation arises much more complicated: Although OBJ could be fit for the start of the season in about seven months, which level he can reach after his second heavy knee injury at the age of almost 30 years, but is open.

Rams overcome Odell Beckham Jr. injury in Super Bowl win | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

A multi-year contract would be associated with a substantial risk for interested teams. It would be conceivable to be another one-year contract, a so-called “Prove It” deal, with the Beckham Jr. would prove his fitness in the coming season before subterproving a higher-doped contract.

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That would in turn increase the chances of RAMs to hold Beckham Jr.. But it is also not excluded that the franchise goes through its own pain threshold and, despite the violation, offers a multiannual treaty to reward him for its services in the past season.