Rollback Netcoding, King Apa 15 Korean Panel Package Released

Intra Games cooperates with Koch Media to launch SNK Daejeon Fighting News ‘Deck of Fighters 15 (15 King Apa 15)’ Korean Panel Package.

In 1994, King Apa, who launched the first title, is a series of 27 years with a three-to-3 team confrontation and a steadfast, a personality character, and a series of 27 years.

King Apa 15 is a new feature in six years from the previous work. It shows a story of a new story, including a new character in the existing popular character, and the main character of the new story, which is the main character of the new story, which connects Oro, Neshes, and Ash Saga, and the story of the new story in the previous feature.

Analysis: Why Rollback Netcode Is Better
I put a new system in the 3rd team confrontation of the series tradition. First, the shutter strike can consume one power gauge to prevent and counterattack, to prevent and counterattack.

The MAX mode that is available when more than two power gauges increases character damage and guard crash values. The MAX mode (Quick) is implemented when the normal or specializes are tailored to the opponent or when the opponent is blocked, and the MAX mode is implemented and can take the following actions immediately followed by attacks.

Then, the rollback method is used in the online battle Netcord to solve the delay problem, and provide a stable network environment. Based on this, you can enjoy multiple modes such as rank match, casual match, room match, online training, draft before. PS4, PS5 cross play also supports.

In addition, the Gallery was also available to the Oobari Masami animator, which gained a world-class popularity with various videos and character voices. The SNK popular game song is more than 300 songs, and you can set the DJ station to the song you like BGM during Daejeon.

The package team pass to increase the character lineup after launch was also released. Teampass 1 and Team Pass 2 are composed of 2 teams, and six characters for each pass. Team Pass 1 consists of Rock Howard, Kato, B. Jenny consisting of Team Garou (Released Team Garou, March), Gish Howard, Billy, and Yamazaki Ryuji do. Team Pass 2 The two teams are released in the summer and fall this year.

King Apa 15 supports free upgrades to PS5 versions in PS4, which requires a PS5 body with disk drives.

More information can be found on the Intra Games Official website.