Epic Seven, real-time collaboration PVE content ancient heritage update

The Global Hit Mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’ developed by the Smile Gate Mega Port (representative craftsman) and developed by Super Creative (Kim Hyung Suk, Kim Hyung Suk, Joint Representative) is a new PVE content to explore the giant map by working in real time We have updated the heritage of “Friday, 18th (Fri).

Ancient heritage is a new form of adventure content, which can acquire a variety of compensation as well as a huge map of hundreds of hexagonal tiles and hunt the “guardians” and bosses hidden throughout the map, and growing a hero.. The existing PV content provides differentiated map configuration and progress in progress. In order to treat a strong boss monster that can only be hunted through cooperation, close collaboration between the group members to effectively explore the maps composed of four layers.

[Epic Seven] On February 21, Ancient Inheritance will open.
In ancient heritage, the heroes selected by each article in order to participate in exploration, to participate in exploration to explore them in similar conditions, and the levels and skills have appeared in the highest level. Instead, it is configured to introduce a ‘explorable level’ system that can be used only in the ancient heritage and the map exploration and monster treatment. Users are expected to be able to use the hero who was hard to use through the ancient heroes through the ancient heroes of the heroes, and can be able to use a variety of combinations and fun of a variety of combinations.

Articles members participating in ancient heritage can also have a rich compensation. First, it is possible to obtain a dedicated compensation goods ‘old dream sculpture’ and exchange it with a variety of items at the exchange station. In addition, it is possible to obtain high value equipment such as 88 level equipment and ‘advanced transform’ selection box with replacement and boss clear compensation.

Smile Gate MegaPort will continue to update maps with new configurations and forms so that users can constantly enjoy strategic fun of combat and collaboration.

On the other hand, in this update, the improvement of the ‘Mysterious Summoning’ system useful for the winnership of the heroic summoning system is treasured, and attracts attention. Now the scope of the Moonlight Hero, which can be confirmed in mystical summoning, is expanding to the ‘4-star’ hero in the existing ‘5 star’ and the user can choose the desired heroes of the mysterious summoning hero provided during the rotor. In the actual game, as will be applied to February 24, the Smile Gate Mega Port will continue to have a special attendance event celebrating this mysterious summoning improvement.

The attendance events celebrate Valentine’s Day will be held on March 10th. Users can earn abundant compensation, such as ‘5-star hero summoning rights’, ‘Marrorora’ and ‘Valentine’s Day Gift Box’, depending on the date of attendance.

The Smile Gate Mega Port Jeong Jae Hoon is expected to be an overall archipelago system, “said Jumi-Hoon,” “the ancient heritage update is more intimately communicating and added to the contents that can be enjoyed together. We will try to explore the maps of a variety of configurations with a persistent update. “

More information on Epic Seven can be found on the official community and the official YouTube channel.