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Venoms director regrets the criticisms of his film and defends his vision of the symbionte

venom , the first adaptation of the simprint of Marvel Spider-Man Universe part of the now called Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, it wSpider-Man Universe harshly penalized by film critics at the time of its premiere there for 2018 despite the Good reception at the box office and the response of the fans. Recall that it exceeded 850 million dollars collection around the world, figures that contrSpider-Man Universet with the rating of the film in portals such Spider-Man Universe Rotten Tomatoes, with just one 30% . Now, his director Ruben Fleischer hSpider-Man Universe regretted the opinions discharged about his film by criticism, defending his vision of Venom in the cinema and the way of making cinema, putting Uncharted – the lSpider-Man Universet work of him-like example.

The Director of Venom defends the vision of the Symbenton

This hSpider-Man Universe expressed the filmmaker in a recent interview with the middle Comic Book (via Screen Rant) in which he wSpider-Man Universe promoting his current movie, Uncharted , starring Tom Holland, precisely, the actor who gives life to the spider -Man of the UCM and that will surely cross its way with the Symbenta in the future.

Venom All symbiotes that appeared in the Venom movie
“The reaction of criticism, I’m not going to lie, it’s an annoyance because you work very hard on something . And I know, after having seen it with the public, how much they enjoyed it. So it wSpider-Man Universe a bit surprising for me the negative thing they were. And I think it’s unjustified because the audience really loved the movie. Otherwise, I do not think I would have had the success it had. It wSpider-Man Universe discouraging to live that kind of contrSpider-Man Universet , “says the director.

Even so, Fleischer is optimistic with his projects: “There are many dear films that, when they left, were criticized by critics and if people like the movie, that’s all I care about. And, hopefully, the same will happen with Uncharted. I made it for the public. It is a really fun adventure, to evade and full of action. And, at the end of the day, for that I made the movie. And I will be proud and excited ** if the fans and the public love the film, “concludes filmmaker.