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Further challenges of “FF14” for the next 10 years and patch 6.x latest information- “68th PLL” is summary! Fleet Rial resumed on February 22

A variety of information has been announced at the future of “ Final Fantasy XIV ” for the next decade of “ Final Fantasy XIV “, “ Final Fantasy XIV “.

After the release of patch 1.0 called “old version” and the current “new Eorzea”, the game “FF14” has accumulated the history of about 10 years. In December last year, the latest expansion package “Natsuki’s Finale” is released, and the total number of registered registrants in the whole world will continue to grow with the momentum of the bubble, such as topped 25 million people. It is such a “FF14”, but what kind of evolution will be evolved in the future expansion package etc. In this broadcast, we will pick up and deliver topics that are particularly highly attention!

# “” “” “Everybody” Further evolution to the RPG who can play “-Renovation of content system

It is a renovation to previous content that has been mentioned as the first of the challenges from now on. Speaking of “FF Series” Japan is the RPG, which is the world ‘s RPG, “FF11” and “FF14” may be online dedicated MMORPG, and there is also a layer that feels medium hurdles to enter fact. In order to proceed with the story, it is essential to capture dungeons and raid battles, but this is not something that can be cleared alone, and it is currently what you have to use the matching function in the game. It is unlikely to work online, such as to play cooperating with others, difficulty to build human relationships, sometimes involving unexpected troubles.

In order to break up such a situation, more people were able to touch the game “FF14”, which is the aim of this content system repair. Its existence is a system called “face”, and it is a mechanism that enables content to enter the content with NPC in the game, and it is possible to capture even one person. So far, we have supported “ Jet Black Villains ” “ Naruki’s Finale ” and new extended package content, but in stages this face system is It is introduced. The next update patch 6.1 is subject to “new Eorzea” (patch 2.0). It can be said that the hurdles for game participation will decrease from the start of the game for a while from the game starts.

The benefits of “Face System” not only can reduce the trouble unique to online, but also “advanced at your own pace” is also a big point. The current FF14 matching feature has a large difference in matching time due to its own job, role ratio of roles. In particular, the “DPS”, which is the role of attackers, is basically a matching time, and it is not possible to proceed with the story to wait for a long time, such as late night bands. However, “Face” allows NPC to fill the rest of the party even if you choose which job, so you can start content immediately.

In addition, it is always a “tank” of a role that can be said to be a party commander, but it is always anxiety, “This dungeon, I do not know if it’s good to proceed, if you go to…”. You can see it carefully without worrying about it. In addition to being able to capture at your own pace, it can be said that the existing player can be used for content practice.

Along with that, it has also been announced that some of the content will be given. The “Lit Antin Cass Battle” of 8-person content will be removed and built into the event battle in the main quest. In addition, eight content and its bosses, such as “outer capture Castorum Meridianum” and “final battle magic castle PraTorium” to get to the Imperial Army’s activity base, are also announced that they will be reworked as content for 4 people.

# To beauty like trailer-“primary graphics update”

Graphic updates have been announced as new challenges listed below. Every time an extension package was announced, the voice expected from the user has been expected, but the long-awaited large graphics update will be implemented with the next expansion package and patch 7.0. An announcement that patch 7.0 has changed in patch 7.0 with a renovation of graphics. Also, PS4 is also optimized and it can be played with similar graphics.

In the broadcast, images of graphic tests have also been released, and the character has the texture of the skin more realistic and the color of the eyes is more beautiful. You can also confirm that your hairstyle is also developed from existing and smooth. Fields are aware of writing and texture, and metal and trees are more sophisticated. “FF14” has many players who are particularly attentive to character makeup, and if their own pride characters are drawn with more beautiful graphics, the exciting will not stop from now!

Equipment is also planning to improve graphics in future updates. Equipment implemented in patch 7.0 is the one that this quality is up and has a huge number of existing equipment, but it is assumed that it will give priority to well-used equipment. There were also spreads of 4K display, and there was a part where roughness was noticeable for graphics of equipment, but this update is also desired to be relieved.

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