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Final Fantasy 14: Forced clearance of the player houses is resumed

The automatic eviction of the player houses in Final Fantasy 14 ensures that the land will be put back for sale as soon as your owners do not enter them for 45 days. This mechanism should serve that new players have a chance to get one of the coveted houses.

In December 2021, the forced eviction was overridden. The reason for this was the high server load to the release of FF14 EndWalker , which has made it impossible to log in some players in Final Fantasy 14 (now € 25.98) at certain times. Now that this situation has calmed down again, the forced clearance will be active again. Who owns a house, should therefore be the 9. March 2022 Paint in the calendar.

Which rules apply to the forced clearance?

In order to prevent the forced eviction, you must enter your house at least once within 45 days. In social houses, this has to be done by a member of the FC, for private houses by the owner. If you visited your house regularly during the past few months, you do not have to worry about the forced eviction. In the case will start counting time from 9 March 2022.

If you were very active in recent months and have not visited your house, the timer continues with the booth on which he found himself before December 6, 2021. So it is well recommended to visit your house again to avoid evil surprises.

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By the way, the time to the forced clearance will also be displayed in the Timer menu. As soon as 30 days have passed, you can see here how many days you remain. Once you have your house on your house, this timer will no longer be seen. You will also be notified by e-mail about it.

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