Final Fantasy XIV

The developers of Final Fantasy 14 will now publish major fixes every 4 months

The developers of Final Fantasy 14 revealed that they would now only deploy major content fixes every four months. The fans of the franchise may have been used to their preceding cycle of 3.5 months. However, Square Enix confirmed that they had changed it to four so that they can even sharpen the game and reduce the time of crisis for the team.

The director Naoki Yoshida has informed the community of players that the studio wanted to focus on the health of the entire team behind Final Fantasy 14. They want to be able to solve the problems that the team feels exceeded by its workload.

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In a recent live broadcast, Yoshida has recognized the fact that there are times when the Final Fantasy team was too thorough. In order to ensure that everyone can maintain the quality of his work, he gives them the breaks they need.

The additional two weeks give the team an additional week of implementation and another for adjustments. Developers also benefit from an additional week for summer periods as well as for the New Year’s holiday season. By implementing this, the team may have more personal time with his family.

The Final Fantasy 14 project has developed considerably over the years. Its core depended largely on the motivation of developers over the last decade. There are now more jobs, races and puppy leaves. It was not healthier to keep all the additional content in the same cycle. That said, Yoshida thanks the faithful of the franchise for their commitment and understanding.

In addition, Yoshida also confirmed that they “do not intend to incorporate a kind of NFT element into the game at this stadium” “_If someone is worried or concerned about that, I can Clearly saying at this point that we have no intention of integrating that into the game. “,” said Yoshida.

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