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“Everyone” Announces a new challenge for Final Fantasy XIV for the next 10 years, such as evolution to RPG who can play

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: President: President: Matsuda Yoji) is developed and operated by online RPG “Final fantasy XIV (hereinafter FFXIV)” is a live broadcast that delivers the latest information of the game today. FFXIV Producer Reter LIVE “and announced a load map to patch 7.0, a development guideline and a next expanded package that looked at the next decade of service as a new challenge for FFXIV.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: President: President: Matsuda Yoji) is developed and operated by online RPG “Final fantasy XIV (hereinafter FFXIV)” is a live broadcast that delivers the latest information of the game today. FFXIV Producer Reter LIVE, and as a new challenge of FFXIV, we announced a roadmap to patch 7.0, which is a development guideline and next expansion package for service management and the next decline package.

FFXIV launched “Final Fantasy XIV: Final Fantasy XIV: Tamatsuki Finale” last December 7, and the story “Heidelin Zodiark Hen” is completed by the stars that have been drawn for about 10 years. Yes. Today, FFXIV producer and director Yoshida, who delivers the latest information in real time and announced the future of FFXIV. For the next 10 years, more people will feel free to go to the world of this work, and FFXIV will further evolve to experience the attraction in each way of playing.

# “Everyone” a further evolution to RPG who can play with everyone

In addition to the “Dungeon” to visit the main quest, we will be able to capture the player alone using the “face system” that organizes NPCs and the “Face System” that organizes the NPC and parties I am planning to update. In the next large update patch 6.1 in April, we will update the “Shinsei Eorzea” that will be the adventure and advanced all the battle involved in the main story of the “New Eorzea” (patch 2.0 range) al1. increase. In addition, all “dungeons” * related to the main quest will be sequentially updated by patch 6.5.
※ We will continue to respond after each dungeon correspondence is completed for “Disruption match” challenge with 8 players.

# Preparation / Development of Graphics Update

Looking at further long-term operations, we announced a plan to carry out “primary graphics update” according to the release of the next expansion package 7.0. We will carry out development and preparation aiming at comprehensively beautiful characters and fields, with many players at the same place, and based on current multiplays that can be operated with high degree of freedom. In addition, it will continue to work on graphics improvement after the next expansion package release.

# Continue to publish many updates with the appropriate schedule

A large-scale update once every four months, and will continue to deliver a variety of content with plenty of volumes. In today’s broadcast, as a basic load map up to the next expansion package 7.0, we announced the “main content” * “main content” to be released from large update patch 6.1 to patch 6.5.
* The roadmap is a provisional one, and a large number of content not included is added.

For more information on the presentation, see the Archive Video of the “68th FFXIV Producer Reter LIVE”.

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# “Final Fantasy XIV Complete Pack” Product Overview

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Thank you for your future FFXIV.

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The adventure is not only the battle, but also the production of items and the development of Chocobo, and the way of playing is an adventurer as soon as possible! Familiar Summon Beasts, Moguri, and Fly Boats… And FF Wait Wait for New FF Worlds, and I will leave it!

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