Final Fantasy XIV

PAPAP 14, the first graphics upgrade after launch

On the 19th, the Final Fantasy 14 (Lesson 14), Yoshida Naoki producers were announced for the next 10 years through the Live Live, and has released the first graphical improvement update since its launch. In this letter Live, we also looked back at the last 10 years of PAPAP 14, and then the update to continue to continue.

According to the letter Live, the graphical improvement scheduled to update the 7.0 expansion pack will proceed on the line that can cover the specifications of various models as possible. In addition, the fact that the support of PS4 would not be stopped due to the graphics upgrade. Yoshida PD appealed to Horizon Forbidden West, and to save such a real detail that it was not a direct point of updates.

The graphical sample released this time is the result of testing a month or more. Mainly focused on improving texture resolution and improving texture expressions, shadows and light expressions have also been realistic. Through this, the shadow of the hair, the shadow of the face, the tattoo of the face is more clear, and the texture of the skin has changed smoothly.

Here, the texture of the character’s hair, skin, and equipment is adjusted and the expression changes more closely. Here, it is scheduled to adjust the shadow and light texture. In the case of the background, it plans to express irregular expression or atmosphere more fine, and the texture of props or backgrounds is also planned. In the case of equipment and NPC, it is considered a significant increase in the number of NPCs and will continue to be updated since 7.0. However, 7.0 expansion pack release equipment is made of updated graphics.

On the other hand, in this broadcasting, the roadmap after 6.1 updates was also announced. A trust system that can turn the dungeon with NPC will be added to the Dungeon Extension Pack Story Dungeon, and the Substore Quest ‘Hildive HyoWol’, ‘Tataru Darling Story’ is added. Some jobs are adjusted by balance and the combat content also increases. The housing or living content released by the Seoul fan festival will gradually be updated. Here, the update period, which was 3 months, due to the increase in updates, is fixed four months.

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Yoshida PD said, “I think that a long time passed through 11 years is very fast, and I would like to thank the executives who have given the light warriors and help with light warriors.”

Meanwhile, PAPAP 14 Korea Server ‘Extensions’ expansion pack updates are May 10.