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FF14: Graphic Update, no NTFS and more solo content

On February 19, the 68. Letter from producer live with Naoki Yoshida. In it, the senior producer and director spoke in detail about his plans for Final Fantasy 14 and announced great changes. So he not only revealed which content we expect in the patch 6.x series, but also already given a view of 7.0. So that you do not miss any detail, we have clearly summarized the entire LiveBrief for you.

FF14: Graphic update, no NFTs and more solo content – that’s what the future looks like! (11) Source: Square Enix

No NFTs!

Before the actual live letter, Yoshi-P went to the worries of many players who fear, there can soon be NFTs in Final Fantasy 14. He stressed that this was currently not planned. While there is quite a certain potential in this type of business model, Final Fantasy 14 is not suitable for it. NFTs in his opinion require a certain type of game design to work. This is not given in Final Fantasy 14.

These are the future plans for Final Fantasy 14

The LiveBriF began with a review of the past years, in which Yoshi-P once again reviewed the four extensions and his previous work on Final Fantasy 14 (now). Then he came to talking to the future of the MMOs, the outlook ranging to patch 7.0. Here the developers have set great goals. On the one hand, Final Fantasy 14 will receive a graphic update , on the other hand, the solo elements will be further expanded in the game.

The goal is to improve Final Fantasy 14 as a solo and multiplayer game simultaneously, the developers work according to the motto “An even better role-playing game – alone or with friends”. Like Yoshi-P told in his LiveBrief, there are many players who have played as well as any solo title of the final fantasy series, but are rather deterred by the MMOS XI and XIV. To get these players on board, you want to strengthen the solo content. There will be a big update of the trust system. FF14: Graphic update, no NFTs and more solo content – that’s what the future looks like! (6) Source: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV HUGE CHANGES! NEW Graphics & Single Player Friendly!

So the trust system is expanded

The trust system allows you to visit the dungeons of extensions Shadowbringers and endwalker together with the NSC companions from the federal waistband of the dawn. With the upcoming updates, the system should be significantly expanded. So should be made to all previous dungeons and tests for four players (Titan, IFRIT and GARUDA in ARR) with the Trust system compatible. This should happen during the history of the updates 6.1 to 6.5. The dungeons from A Realm Reborn (Patch 2.0) should already be revised with patch 6.1.

The content for eight players should remain untouched . However, in the future, there could also be changes here. So the fight against hydaelyn in endwalker has arrived so well with the players that you also think of the tests about a general expansion of the trust system. But these changes will come, if any, come to Patch 7.0. The Trust system is to be extended to all Story dungeons in the game.
Source: Square Enix To make the trust system a little logical in the A-Realm-Reborn dungeons, there will be some changes here. So you will not necessarily accompany you in the first dungeons the members of the covenant of the dinning, but instead assisted from the adventurous energy. Here and there, however, the story should also be a little bit adapted to make it sense to accompany you one of the well-known main characters. Yoshi-P called here as an example Estonia in the nest of the dragons.

Other changes to the dungeons

In addition to the expansion of the trust system, further changes to the dungeons are planned to make the gaming experience of liquid. For example, the test is removed in _ Cap Westwind_ and replaced by a quest struggle. The two story dungeons in Castrum meridianum are replaced by 4-content. The subsequent fight against lahabrea should also be a quest struggle.

The graphic update

The biggest surprises of the LiveBrief undoubtedly belonged to the announcement of the graphic update. This is currently planned for patch 7.0 . After more than 10 years, this is urgently needed how Yoshi-P explained. The graphics engine will be revised overall and significantly better lighting and shader, but also revised animations offer. The graphic will not measure with standalone titles, but this is not the goal. Instead, the aim is to make Final Fantasy 14 look good as a modern multiplayer game. FF14: Graphic update, no NFTs and more solo content – that’s what the future looks like! (1) Source: Square Enix With the update of the graphics engine, the minimum system requirements are also raised a little. Nevertheless, the developers value make a high bandwidth of different hardware compatible. The PlayStation 4 should still be supported by the entire 7.x period.

Even if the developers have only been busy with the revision of the graphics engine for a good month, Yoshi-P had already prepared some impressive screenshots for us, which show how Final Fantasy could look 14. The characters will offer textures with higher resolution, better material surfaces, as well as better light and shadow effects. The appearance of the characters themselves should change as little as possible. This will only refer to the player characters for the time being. NSCS will also be revised in the future, but this will take a while.

Source: Square Enix Source: Square Enix Source: Square Enix Source: Square Enix

The environment should also be significantly supervised. The developers are planning more light sources, higher resolution for shadows, as well as better texture surfaces. In addition, there should be more objects and better, automatically generated grasslands. The fog and other effects should also be revised.

Source: Square Enix Source: Square Enix Source: Square Enix Source: Square Enix

This also looks pretty impressive as these pictures show. It should be pointed out again that these are only first designs and experiments made by the developers with the graphics engine. In the future, we will probably expect many more screenshots and probably also videos. We should be thrilled!

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