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Remake Final Fantasy VII is finally in the hands of players around the world. Well, those with at least one PlayStation 4. Sony’s console owners plunged into Square Enix remake, but Xbox One fans have so far been left behind.

If you are wondering if remake Final Fantasy VII will be published on Xbox One at some point, we have what you need.

Final Fantasy VII Remake arrives on Xbox One?

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The short answer to this question is not for the moment. Remake Final Fantasy VII is only available to play on PS4. Players who only have an Xbox One will have to ask to borrow a copy of a friend and their PS4 console or just miss.

It’s for the moment anyway. Square Enix did not mention that an Xbox One port will be produced in the future, but the recent revelation of a PC port gives the fans of Xbox One a little hope.

A YouTube video, published on the PlayStation channel on Friday, April 10, dropped the biggest index remake FINAL FANTASY VII arrives on PC. At the five-second mark in the video, a legend reads, “Captured Gameplay” as a brief extract of sequences. This indicates that Final Fantasy VII_remake will not remain an indefinite PS4 exclusivity, and this is supported by another legend at the end of the video.

At 1:06, you will see that remake Final Fantasy VII is only a timed PS4 exclusivity until April 10, 2021. Once this date arrives, Square Enix can carry the game on other platforms. With an extremely probable PC port after this date, it is possible that an Xbox One port also becomes a reality.

Even with the exit of the Xbox Series X later this year, an Xbox One port would be in the best interest of Square Enix. All Xbox fans will not buy a Series X console on the day of the launch or within 6 to 12 months after the exit. Square Enix could then wear the game on Xbox One and Series X, and allow each xbox player to play remake finish fantasy vii.

Other Final Fantasy titles are also playable on Xbox One, and it is planned to bring Final Fantasy XIV to the Microsoft box as well. We suspect remake Final Fantasy VII will be the last to be worn on the Microsoft console. Not before April 2021 at the earliest.