How to get to Orange Town in Roblox True Piece?

Roblox True Piece is one of several Roblox games based on a popular One Piece manga. As in his series, in the virtual world of True Piece there are several research cities. One of these attractions in True Piece is Orange Town. To visit the Orange Town, you must be at a minimum level And also Travel to East ** from the dock of your primary city.

how to find dock

Before finding an orange city, you must find the dock of your primary city by default. To get to the pier of your primary city, go along the first brown dirt road to the left of the Renaissance.

If you go on the way, you will reach the fire and go on the slope on correctly Hand Fire side.

Going down the slope, you will find a new way as shown in the image below.

From here, go on the way or go to the Western / left side of the world. You will quickly get to shipyard.

Journey to Ordzh Town

Create a new boat using the option on the main screen. Sit on the boat and place as shown in the picture.

The direction of your boat should be somewhere between to the northeast as well as East on the compass scale. Start rowing and move in the specified direction for 5 10 minutes. You will see how an island appears in front of you.

Remember that it makes no sense to visit the island, if you have not achieved at least 100 levels, as you can not accept any quests.

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