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This great cosplay of TIFA on Final Fantasy 7 is supported by Barret

Often there are pictures of Cosplays to see, on which only one artist is in focus. However, and again, cosplay couples give the honor, which is logically twice as beautiful. The best example of this are the latest photos of “Spitvein”, which is immersed together with her friend in the world of RPG Final Fantasy 7 .

Cosplay of Barret and TiFa from Final Fantasy 7

The duo was recently at The Katsucon , which took place last weekend in the US state of Maryland. In order to add to the most memorable performance as possible, the couple decided to dress up as Barret Wallace and TiFa Lockhart from the RPG Final Fantasy 7.

Tifa BEST Moments in Final Fantasy 7 Remake
The right costumes you have made yourself, the result you have recorded on several photos and released at Above all, the cladding as TIFA Lockhart immediately falls into the eye due to its many loving details. Both the general compilation of the outfits as well as the accessories as well as the black long hair ensure a credible illusion that TIFA is switched directly from Final Fantasy 7 in the real world.

But the costume of her friend who closed himself as a bully Barret Wallace is definitely worth seeing. Although the outfit is not quite as detailed, but the recognition factor is still very high. In addition to the group photo, “Spitvein” has also published a picture that only shows you as a TIF.

Gaming Cosplays where the eye can see

In the recent past, there were already other impressive cosplay from the world of Final Fantasy 7. This not only includes TIFA Lockhart, but also the no less pretty Aerith. In addition, we can recommend several gaming panels. From Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3, about Ellie from The Last of US 2 to 2B from Nier Automata, almost everything is about what the heart of a games fan desires.

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