Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix releases a new manual for creating and collecting in Final Fantasy XIV LODESTONE

Support Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV is nothing but sensation. Even after the release of its last addition, Endwalker, the team continues to work tirelessly on creating the best experience for their players. Their latest update is aimed at creating a great resource that will help players to master classes Crafting and Gathering in a popular MMO.

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On February 22, 2022, Square ENIX updated the Final Fantasy XIV LODESTONE website by adding new information for each Disciple of the Hand and Land according to their update for 6.0. This update has made changes to each nehelial class in the game, and players can see detailed information about each setup by clicking on the link on the official page of Square Enix in Twitter below:

The last update is aimed at making each CRAFTER and GATHERER class more balanced and enjoyable for players. Constant updates are constantly improving the work of these classes over time. Square Enix will definitely continue to improve each class, including combat tasks in future patches.

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