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Shadow Warrior 3: How to Gore

Shadow Warrior 3 is the latest trip from fly wild boar and it seems to be the most rapid adventure so far. The game is packed with arenas and a variety of crazy enemies with different degrees of hardness, and you will find that all except a yokai type have corresponding Gore weapons You can turn on even more enemies. To get the Gore weapons, you must first know which conditions you need to meet. Continue reading for our guide How to get Gore weapons in Shadow Warrior 3!

How to get Gore weapons in Shadow Warrior 3

Gore weapons are obtained by killing enemies Finishers movements that are visually spectacular and bloody to kill any opponent that is not a boss. To run a finisher, you must either press ‘Q’ (PC) or L1 / R1 (PS4) / LB / RB (XB1) provided you have enough finisher points. For smaller Yokai like Kugutsu and Shogai you only need a finisher point; For larger like Hattori, Slinky Jakku, Oni Hanma and others it needs 2 points; The only bigger Yokai needed 3 points is the Gassy Obariyon. It’s easy to collect finisher points, as enemies fall you dropped in death, and there are also yellow spawn points, especially later in the game.

These Gore weapons vary depending on the enemy with regard to usefulness and attack power, and the animations to get them are often crazy, brutal, but entertaining. A GORE weapon is not used offensively, from the shogai and Yoriki enemies, with which after a finisher in the Mortal Combat Scorpion style, double-doubling its maximum HP, which can be very helpful. The only non-boss enemy without a finisher is a variety of Yokai that appear in huge groups and strapped with explosives, but they are also easiest of killing from afar. All offensive Gore weapons have a limited time in which they can use them, including the grenade weapons before they are automatically thrown away.

This completes our guide So you get Gore weapons in Shadow Warrior 3! Read more for our other guides! Shadow Warrior 3 appears on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 1st of March.

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