EX-PROFI of 1. FC Cologne will be decree national coach

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Under curious circumstances, the former Bundesliga Profi Rigobert Song Trainer of the Football National Team Cameroon. This decision has met Camerun’s President Paul Biya, reported the Minister Narcisse Moelle Combi responsible for Camerun Presidents. The FECAFOOT FECAFOOT must now take all “necessary measures” to implement this requirement “fast and harmonious”. The 45-year-old song, who used to play for the 1st FC Cologne, is to compete the succession of Portuguese Toni Conceicao. FECAFOOT confirmed the dismissal of Conceicao, but did not comment to the Personalie Song. With coach Conceicao, Cameroon had brought the third place to the Africa Cup, and the team in the World Cup play-offs arrives on 25 and 29 March on Algeria. Song is with 137 inserts of the record players of his country.