Pokemon Go: Research breakthrough March 2022

Pokémon Go people watched and found on February 28, 2022 in the calendars: “Oh, tomorrow is March. We have to betray the coaches quickly, which expects them in March 2022 in Pokémon Go.” So at least, we introduce ourselves, the decisions of the developers were met with regard to the Pokémon Go Research breakthrough in March 2022. Quickly suitable for the Alola season announced at short notice, select an Alola-Pokémon, which every player already has a drunk and good. Not the Pokémon can not be disassembled that from the tonight (March 1, 2022) from 22:00 clock from the reward box of the research breakthrough.

Alola vulpix with ice cold

Alola-Vulpix is ​​a pokémon of the ice instead of the type of fire as a normal vulpix – it is similar with flames and galar flames. Alola-Vulnona, however, belongs to the type fairy. Really exciting, the research breakthrough Pokémon in March 2022 is not for meta player; If any, then PvP fans can look forward to a bit – but those in March 2022 in the Kampfiga do not have much to get much. Collectors, on the other hand, will hope a bit that Alola-Vulpix jumps as a Shiny from the reward box.


In order to drive a research breakthrough, you have to conclude field research on seven different days to collect stickers for the reward box. Have you done the seven stickers, it is left to you if you then opens the box or maybe use for a widening research breakthrough. Remember: If you open the crate of breakthrough on March 1, 2022 before 22:00, then you will receive the February Pokémon, which in this case Psau was.

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