Final Fantasy XIV

Game Pass, MS Flight Simulator Cloud Support

Microsoft announced the first week of the first week of the Xbox Games Pass on the 2nd, Xbox Games Pass.

The game added this time is three kinds up to ‘Wave of Change’, ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’, ‘Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13’. The two games were already added, and the Lightning Return Final Fantasy 13 can be enjoyed from 3 days.

Wave: The wave of change is a beautifully implemented Post Apocalypse world as a background. Hold the keys of the ship and sail the flooded world and solve the puzzle and submersible to the unknown depth to find a new residence. Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is not needed, is now available on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs through cloud games.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 draws a process of carrying the destiny of the world on his shoulder once again at the end of the main character lightening on the end of the world. The cloud is not supported.

Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass is a subscription service that allows you to enjoy the desired game anytime, on your console, PC, iOS and Android mobile devices, and you are constantly enhancing your content lineup.