Gran Turismo 7: The PS4 / PS5 Technical Comparison

Were you already amateur racing games in December 1997? And if so, do you remember the monumental graphic slap that had set the first Gran Turismo on PlayStation? It was the beautiful era where the simple fact, for a video game, to display something vaguely like bright reflections on 3D real car bodys were enough to stomach the crowd. Ah, me of my time, we did not need ray-tracing, from 4k to 60 i / s and all these modern coquettries to marvel! But fortunately the world advances, and nearly 25 years later, GT7 represents a great first for the series: an episode coming out simultaneously on two platforms, the PS4 and the PS5. But while the new generation brings to the last polyphony digital production? First items of answer with our comparison.

Gran Turismo 7 Graphics Comparison (PS5/PS4 Pro/PS4)

For whom followed it since its inception, the evolution of the Gran Turismo series has always had something fascinating. Born only three years after the exit of the first console of Sony, and today become one of the most emblematic pillars of the PlayStation brand, the auto simulation of Polyphony Digital seems to advance as out of its time, indifferent to its competitors, assuming to grant importance only to its own obsessions, which it continues with endless perfectionism. Gran Turismo 7 is no exception to the rule, with its mechanics of Game Design which percently seem to have evolved since the end of the 90s, what comrade Amaebi tells you with Moult details in its complete test. Why talk about all this in the introduction of our comments on the game technique? Simply to set the tone because the body of GT7 shows itself in the image of its mechanics under the hood, juxtaposing elements and effects of a prodigious sophistication, with other much more banal. With all the same on arrival a fascinating game to watch, both on PS4 and PS5.