The loading times of Gran Turismo 7 are radically different between PS5 and PS4

As we expected – especially for proprietary titlesTurismo 7″ is made not to get tired of playing for many years-thinking that Yamauchi A fiction P talks to the “high masterpiece””>Gran Turismo 7 has significantly shorter loading times on PlayStation 5, compared to what you will find in the PS4 version of the game. Thanks to the ultra fast SSD of the console. From current generation and well improved specifications, we are talking about differences of more than half a minute. It is not the biggest we have seen, but it highlights the speed of the PS5.

For example, ElanalisticEbits on YouTube has published a direct comparison video, which has graphic improvements as well as differences in loading time. When loading the famous Nürburgring track, it takes a little less than 42 seconds to finish on the basic PS4, 37 seconds on the PS4 Pro and a huge… 1.5 seconds on the PS5. It’s quite improvement.

Image: elangalisticbits

Gran Turismo 7: PS5 vs PS4 Performance Review

To be clear, about 40 seconds of loading on PS4 are not so bad given the age of equipment – but as we have said several times in the last year, once you are on PS5, It is very difficult to go back. Yet, whatever the platform you play, it is an excellent race simulation – as shown in our Review of Gran Turismo 7 .