Final Fantasy XIV

“FF14” 4th Japan DC “METEOR” added! The world to be regulated also announces

A new Japan Data Center for “ Final Fantasy XIV ” has been announced at the “69th FFXIV Producer Reter LIVE”, which Square Enix delivers 4 days, “ METEOR data center “.

Notice of “FFXIV Operations Expansion Expansion” announced in January this year, new data centers are added to the three data centers operated in Japan as a solution to server congestion due to the rapid increase in the number of players. It was announced to be done.

The current Japanese data center has 10 to 11 worlds, respectively, with server load mitigation and long-term login awaiting elimination is this great purpose. Some of the existing worlds move to the “Meteor” data center, and each data center is registered to be eight worlds.

The data center newly established and the Ligloup are planning to be around July. “I think that I’m really sorry for the concern that the community, including CWLS,” is really sorry, but also support as much support as possible.

The world that is moved to the “Meteor” data center that is newly established this time is as follows.

  • Ramuh (Move from Elemental)

  • UNICORN (Move from Elemental)

  • VALEFOR (Move from GAIA)

  • Yojimbo (Move from GAIA)

  • ZEROMUS (Move from GAIA)

  • Belias (Move from Mana)

  • MANDRAGORA (Move from MANA)

  • SHINRYU (Move from MANA)

Details will be introduced later in a summary article. Broadcasting can be viewed here.