Final Fantasy XIV

When will the Final Fantasy XIV be a possible journey through the data center?

The developers of Final Fantasy XIV teased between the data processing centers for at least 18 months. Square Enix suggested that this functionality will be included in the last extension of the Final Fantasy XIV, ENDWALKER, but ultimately the exact date was not named. That is, until recent on March 3, a living letter that uses the official patch number for its release.

The trips between data processing centers will be available with a patch of 6.18. , Speed ​​Massive Update 6.1. This will allow players to visit worlds in different logical data centers, but not outside of their physical data center.

Final Fantasy XIV: Choosing a Data Center and World
This means that if you are in the European Physical Data Center, you can visit any world in the center of the logical data of chaos or light. In the same way, if you are in North America, you will be able to visit any world on Aether, Crystal or Primal, and in Japan – on Elemental, Gaia and Mana.

Currently there will be no trips between the regions, so players from North America will not yet be able to visit their European friends. Patch 6.1 is planned to be released in April, and patch 6.18 – a little later.

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