Gran Turismo 7: How to switch the scapes

In this Guide to Gran Turismo 7 you will learn:

  • Which prerequisites you must fulfill for the scapes mode
  • What you need to remember the photo mode of Gran Turismo 7

Sony’s newest racing game Gran Turismo 7 impresses away from the first class gameplay, especially with the enormously elaborate graphics . Each of the more than 400 cars in the game is riding only as details, so they are usually no longer distinguishable from real cars.

This graphic splendor may also admire her in the photo mode, which is called in Gran Turismo 7 Scapes mode. However, since this is not right from the beginning to choice, we explain you here, How to unlock him .

Gran Turismo 7 - Scapes (Behind The Scenes) | PS5, PS4
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SCAPES mode in Gran Turismo 7 unlock

Like most different options, such as tuning or new car salesman, the SCAPES mode appears as soon as you have successfully completed a specific menu in the Café .

As explained in our entry-level tips to Gran Turismo 7, this menu is a loose campaign that keeps you with new tasks at the bar.

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To unlock the SCAPES mode, you have to complete the Menu command number 7 successfully. In this task, you should again win three flitzer by participating in races. This is the Mini Cooper S ’05, the Abarth 500 ’09 and the Volkswagen Polo GTI ’14, which can sacrate her by victory in three European competitions.

As soon as you have all three carts in the garage, you visit the cafe again to complete the menu and already switches Gran Turismo 7 the SCAPES mode for you on the overview map free .

Notes on Scapes mode

The SCAPES mode is a powerful tool and if you used it for the first time, then GRAN TURISMO 7 explains the basic features using an expensive sample glitter .

The focus is on how you can put together your pictures as their backgrounds changes, but also the detailed camera functions such as exposure, bezel and so on.

So do so in the tutorial well familiar with the Scape mode, so that you can later leave your creativity in Gran Turismo 7.

Speaking of later: We recommend you to do not even high after unlocking and completing the tutorial your expectations. Because as soon as you have completed the tutorial with the expensive flitzer, you are only the cars as a photomotive to choose from, which you have in your garage .

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