Bethesda new work is spy? The trademark registration of “Spyteam” becomes a topic, but actually it was registered for three years ago

Bethesda Softworks’s parent company Zenimax media has a new game and a trademark of thinking “ spyteam ” this year and has been a new registration application that has been published in the opportunity for the opportunity.. We have also discussed whether Human Head Studios (current: Roundhouse Studios), which was acquired by the Human Head Studios (current: Roundhouse Studios) acquired by the Developer’s career, etc., is also under development.

However, the trademark “spyteam” is filed once in 2018 and this is not the first time. These flows are true in the US trademark law, and companies need to submit the use certification within six months after the trademark usage permission was issued. It is also clear from public records that extended application was also made from public records for the trademark of “Spyteam” without usage results, but it is clear from public records, but since 3 years of extension deadline have passed this year The trademark registered in 2019 revokes and seems to have newly applied. If you think from such a background, there may not be a translation of something like that, but it will still be sure that this project is continuing.

The company will continue to launch, such as “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” and “ STARFIELD ” scheduled to be released on November, and “ STARFIELD ” released this month. As a work following these attention titles, “Spyteam” may not be far from the day. By the way, since the trademark “ Hi-Fi Rush ” is also registered in 2020, the trademark “ Hi-Fi Rush ” is also registered in 2020, so it is popular IP Besides, I would like to expect “ DEATHLOOP ” and new IP following new IP that this year’s release will be announced.