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Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.08 Hotfix

Patch 6.08 Hotfixes are now live in Final Fantasy XIV online: Endwalker, and here are all changes and corrections added in this update. This is not the main patch 6.08. This update went live a few time ago and added the current Savage RAID level. This is just a small update that fixes some backend problems, but Square Enix did not stop taking the game for a few hours for maintenance offline. Now that the servers are live, there are news about Patch 6.08 Hotfixes of FFXIV.

FFXIV Patch 6.08 Hotfix changes

  • The following maintenance work carried out:
    • Final Fantasy XIV accompanying app
    • The magnetic stone
    • Final Fantasy XIV online store / Mogry station
    • Server infrastructure
  • The following worlds were changed to standard worlds:
    • Adamantoise (Na Ether)
    • Balming (Na crystal)
    • Behemoth (Na Prandal)
    • Kaktor (Na Ether)
    • Fairy (na ether)

* Gilgamesh (Na Ether)
* Jenova (Na Ether)
* Leviathan (Na Prandal)
* Midgardormr (Na Ether)
* Sargatanas (Na Ether)
* Siren (Na Ether)
* Asura (JP)
* Bahamat (JP)
* Chocobo (JP)
* Gungnir (JP)
* Titan (JP)
* Strainer (JP)
* Taifun (JP)
* Zerberus (USA)
* Moogle (USA)
* Odin (USA)
* Phoenix (USA)

6.08 Patch Notes - Read & Reaction | The Changes we've been waiting for ! Kinda
* Ragnarok (USA)
* Shiva (USA)

As mentioned above, this patch contained only changes to the server infrastructure and no new major supplements. Fans must wait for new content to patch 6.1, whose publication is currently being planned sometime in April. Recently, a live letter took place, which gave an overview of the new update, and a second live letter will take place closer to the publication of the patch, in which the trailer shows and revealed additional details.

Because this hotfix update fixes problems with the server infrastructure, the status of multiple worlds has changed now. For the first time for some time now, some worlds in the ether data center are now available to new characters and existing characters that want to transfer. Leviathan has also tidents in the Primal Data Center, and the same goes for ballm in Crystal DC. Since the journey into the data center is soon, you may want to wait with the transfer of worlds to play with friends.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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