2D Search Action “Transsylbi” Nintendo Switch Version April 28th. Cyborg girls survey and fighting on mysterious dimensions

Fly High Works announced on March 10, “ Transiruby Nintendo Switch version to be released on April 28th. Regular price is 1500 yen. In the Nintendo e-shop, reservation is available for 10% off 1350 yen.

“Transylbby” is a search type 2D action game, a Cyborg girl adventures a huge dimensional continent. The main character Silvy of this work is a Cyborg girl who lives in the spacecraft at home and workplace. She had an analysis of unknown substances, but she had a life of her work every day.

One day, a phenomenon called a dimension falling near Silvi’s spacecraft. Dimension continents emerge from higher dimensional drops. Silvy leaves DNA quartz where high-dimensional information is left to leave the continent. On the stage of unknown ruins, a battle of Silvi is drawn.

She was Silvi who came to the dimension of the continent, but her landing shock loses 70% of her function. So her buddy’s AI Nae-com, emit a self-propelled container that automatically carries out her material procurement and equipment development. Silvy will advance the survey of the dimensions of the continent while recovering her container and restoring her function.

Specifically, Sylbi immediately after the start of the game has loses other than her basic functions such as movement and jumping and attacking. She fries the enemy and can be scaffolded, a thruster that enables two-stage jumps, and a crystal rod that extends the attack range of the sode, and collects her equipment from the container. The search range will spread in action by the recovered function.

There are also many items called trunks in the dimensional continent. To cut off some of the stages, all trumps that can be collected will be needed, so the stage will proceed while collecting the trench. The time required to clear is about 6 hours to 10 hours. At the dimension of the continent, the mystery solving and puzzles of the more difficulty levels and battle with the boss are unfolded. It is also a feature of this work, such as unique characters such as Silvi, the ruins drawn in dots, and the stage to be deformed and captured by the plane.

It is a domestic indie game developer Skipmore’s Yuurabo, who is working on this work. As the past work, “God-Maiden-Kamiko-” and “Fairloon” etc. are released, and “Piccondia” is currently out of early access. In addition, “Transylbby” delivers the STEAM version in December 2021. STEAM’s user reviews have a well-received 95% well-received and gained the status “very popular”. It seems that moderate difficulty is well received. In addition, the program of this work is in charge of domestic development company Eskadra.