Final Fantasy XIV

How to defeat Gilgamesh in the CHOCOBO GP Prologist

Chocobo GP will plant you behind the wheel as one of your favorite characters Final Fantasy. This includes both villains, heroes, minor characters and even calls. Regardless of your favorite, you will come across the guilgamesh in history mode.

The prologian introduces you to the mechanics of Chocobo GP and puts the task of defeating Gilgamesh in the race. However, Hilgamesh is not a fool and can challenge especially if you are a newcomer in kart racing or play at the complex complexity.

How to defeat Gilgamesh in the CHOCOBO GP Prologist on Master’s Difficulties

Gilgamesh faster than you, but you can use drifting and acceleration on turns Conquer and keep leadership. But you need to follow his feature that can easily bring you out of the race and make you lose.

Chocobo GP for Nintendo Switch (all characters gameplay)
We recommend stay next to Hilgamesh and waiting for your special charge. As soon as it happens, step up smoothly so that the guilgamesh is in front of you. Since it is, Use your special and blow it late . It will give you a sufficient advantage when his special attack will not be able to hit you, and Gilgamesh will not be able to catch up with you.

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