Final Fantasy XIV

The new Role Games ads from Square Enix leave annoying Final Fantasy fans

Today, during the new PlayStation State of Play, Square Enix announced two role-playing games. The first was _ chronicle of Diofield_. When the developer trailer was reproduced during the program, Twitch and YouTube chats exploded thinking that Fantasy Tactics was final. The more I played, the more Playstation fanatics were convinced that it was final fantasy tactics. At the end of the trailer, everyone thought it was final Fantasy Tactics, and then a title screen appeared that revealed the name “ chronicle of Diofield” dotted on the screen, crushing the dreams of Fantasy Final amateur. Since then, final fantasy tactics has been a tendency on Twitter. While some are impressed with _ chronicle of Diofield_ that looks like a final fantasy fantasy, many are not impressed not to be alone tactics of final fantasy.


The pain did not end there for fans of Final Fantasy. PlayStation drew during the State of Play that was crowning the presentation with two Square Enix Role Games. _ Diofield_ chronicle was the first game shown. Based on previous rumors and reasonable speculations, everyone thought of Fantasy Final 16 would provide the great end, but this did not happen. The valiaria ELÍSO ended the show, which was a pleasant surprise, but not the surprise Fantasy Final The fans expected and not the surprise they expected.

Of course, both games could end up being better than everyone expected to be, but for now, that is to be seen. Until then, you can see the progress again and read more about each game too:

«The trailer offers a first glance of the protagonist of the game, a young please who the Almighty Father, the Supreme of the Gods and ruler of all creation, is entrusted to him the destiny of the world,” is read on an accompanying advertising note. to the publication. Valquiria elíseo trailer. “She will face several enemies in her search and you must use a variety of weapons, magic and the power of her allies to avoid Ragnarok, the destruction of the world.”

«A completely new tactical role game with a deep and attractive story that comes alive with a stellar cast, a fascinating soundtrack and the introduction of the new real-time tactical battle system (RTTB)», says a comment on _ chronic Diofield_.