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[Review] Can I become a Breast Mary of Choco Boso GP and Mario Cart?

If you are a pandapan fan, you can enjoy 120% of a mess,

In 1999, there was a game called Chokbo Racing released for PS. The Final Fantasy series, a representative mascot ‘Chokhobo’, including the various creatures of the Final Fantasy, a pet, and a motif of the festival, and the concept of racing to the motif, the concept of the Final Fantasy series Game play was characterized. In addition, when the final fantasy, the final fantasy appeared, it was also a work that could not be seen if it appeared,

Latte does not have to hear the sound, but anyway, it is often the time when he was often playing the game in 23 years later. Even now, even my brother, who is dedicated to childcare and dedicated to parenting, “I was interesting,” I wanted to come out, “he said. Looking at the past article, people who have such memories are still somewhat, but they are half a half.

The work of that memories was resurrected to the Nintendo switch with the name ‘Chokbo GP’ in 23 years. Although the title of the title has changed and many factors have changed, but from the initial trailer, “Chokbo Racing”, “Chokbo Racing” was only inevitable. It was ahead of its memories, but on the other hand, “Stay still in memories.”

Furthermore, the evaluation of foreign evaluation from the ahead of the steps is not so friendly, but it is somewhat uneasy in the user. If you look well, the evaluation of the foreigner is pretty big. From the conclusion, the Choco Boro GP is a work that can be divided according to the stand on the stand and the stand on BM, including the Season Pass.

Game name : Chocobo GP (ChocoBo GP)
Classic name : Racing
Release date : 2022. 03. 10.


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