What is Platinum Fields in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, you will come across different islands, where you can practice trading skills called platinum fields . You can enter these instances yourself or with a group of up to four people if each of you have input ticket: Platinum Field (related) Use before entering.

Since the main goal of Platinum Fields is to help develop your trading skills, you can do it as much as you like, without losing your energy (green strip over the trading skills menu). It is also important to note that as soon as you start, you will have only 15 minutes to practice that you can, before it ends.

At the moment there are only two types of platinum fields for different types of skills: Domain Nauna And also Old Canal Yudian . Nahuna Domain is intended for gathering, logging and mining, and the Old Canal Yudian is for fishing, hunting and excavations.

Lost Ark - Platinum Fields Guide
Since each player can bring a maximum of four subjects, it is better to try to collect as many players as possible.

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