Final Fantasy XIV

How to unlock a cloud in Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP allows you to participate in races with your favorite characters in Final Fantasy on various trails inspired by various games. One of the characters you may wonder this is a cloud and whether it is in Chocobo GP.

Answer Da- Cloud in Chocobo GP . The only way to unlock the Claud and participate in races – earn it. Through the prize subscription . The prize is available for 800 or 2400 myfrils.

How to quickly unlock the cloud in Chocobo GP

The fastest way to unlock cloud is to purchase a premium prize subscription in Chokobo GP. It costs 2400 Mirtilov and immediately raise you to the 60th level. Claud opens at the 60th level, so you can immediately play for the bus.

If you do not get Premium Prize Pass, you will need to play in the CHOCOBO GP online tournament mode and earn enough experience to reach the 60th level. It will take some time, as you can earn experience only in this mode.

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