Sony: Other women raise allegations of sexism at PlayStation

In November of the past year, Emma Majo sought a collection claim against Sony. Also collection claim has reported about it.

The former IT security analyst from PlayStation threw the company to tolerate and cultivate a work environment that discriminates female staff, including those that identify as feminine.

The allegations pointed back Sony and demanded a court last month to dismiss the action because of the lack of concrete facts.

According to the lawyers of Sony, Majo “to mention a single policy, practice or a procedure in [PlayStation], which allegedly had the basis for a widespread intentional discrimination or discriminatory impact on women”.

Sony/Playstation Hit With Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Yet Another Progressive Company
Now eight other women have made, who used to work with PlayStation or still do it. They all have added their statements for sexist treatment in the company’s existing class.

In their statements, women describe, among other things, behaviors, degrading comments and unwanted anticipation experiments in branches of PlayStation in the USA.

Furthermore, few women for leadership positions are considered. For example, at a meeting in 70 men, only four women have been considered. The female candidates also comment on family life, which did not occur with the male.

Kara Johnson, former program manager, wrote in her statement: “I believe that Sony is unable to deal with toxic environments appropriately.”