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Elden Ring: Was bewirkt Remembrance of the Black Blade?

After making yourself on the way decaying Farum Azula in ELDENRING you will be commissioned with the takeover Maliketh, the black blade . Since it is not a optional boss, players need time, patience and skill to bring this imposing opponent to fall. As soon as the last hit landed and they are victorious on the battlefield, they get a special object, the memory of the black blade .

What does this article do for you? Gives you forces that exceed your wildest ideas, or does it help you in any way? Is it something to sell it only and earn a little more? Runes on the way to help you with the levels? Follow our guide, for which the memory of the black blade is meant and what you need to do to exploit your full potential.

Elden Ring – memory of the black blade

After eliminating this annoying opponent, which has made it in place 7 of our list of the toughest bosses, hope to get some great prey from this fight into the hands. Well, they are lucky, but they still have to go a few steps before they can claim these great items.

You need to return Enia at the RoundTable holding In order to be able to release the full potential of this rare object, and it’s worth your time and effort. You get some great weapons and spells, such as Z Maliketh’s black blade or the evocation black blade . Both are great objects for melee and magic users, and we will engage in why they are as great as they are.

Elden Ring How to Find Maliketh, The Black Blade

In the first place stands on our list Maliketh’s black blade, the scaled with strength, skill and faith. It not only offers a great 127 physical damage from the beginning, but includes an extra * 82 Holy damage What this makes an excellent weapon Undead enemies and helps you how it makes skeletons can not be revived . In addition, you will receive the unique weapon-skill Destiny Tod * with which you can create a wide selection of sounds to get damage to your enemies.

On the magical side you can unlock the evocation black blade created a big sword, which drills into your enemies and sends a shaft holy light . Only cost 26fp and 61 stamina This powerful attack can be great when you are in the clamp and lets you break a big hole in your defense. However, it uses 2 slots and demand 46 faith to equip, so you need to make sure you are ready for this mammoth summon.

However, if you find both options boring, you can sell this reminder 30,000 Runes to every dealer. You can also duplicate this reminder for each mouse colors but you can only duplicate it once per mausoleum.

To defeat this opponent requires a lot of effort, but his prey makes the fight so much more worth than the time that is invested in the fight. As you can see at the statistics you provide, and the room to grow, you will find yourself with a great weapon or magic, which can offer you some great opportunities.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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