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FFXIV Guide to the Day of Little Ladies 2022: How to get the crown

The day of little ladies rolls around in Final Fantasy XIV, and this year players can earn a special crown, which will certainly become a glamorous staple food. While Eorzeas warriors of light recently defeated mighty enemies and prevented an apocalypse in recent final-wobby expansion, until the publication of patch 6.1 remains time to celebrate. The day of little ladies is just a small event, for whose completion players should not need too long, and it will not be very long.

How to start the quest for little ladies 2022 in FFXIV

The Little Ladies Day will take place from Monday, March 14 to Thursday, March 31st and gives the players the rest of the month to participate in the celebrations and to get a free reward. To start the event, go to Ul’dah – Steps of Nald and talk to Marabell (x: 10.1, Y: 8.7) around a quest called “ Fashion Face-Off.” You just have to be Level 15 to participate in this quest.

At this quest, players will help Marburel in preparing for this year’s walk-off to the day of little ladies. As the name implies, glamor will play a big role in this search and it should be a fun time for all involved.

How to get the crown of the little lady

After completing the fashion face-off quest for Marly, the players are rewarded with the crown of little ladies. This is the only reward for this year’s event, so there will be no necessary bonds of Fates or similar to earn money for a seasonal dealer. As soon as you have received the crown, you are done with the event.

FFXIV: Little Ladies Day 2022 -

Despite her name, the small women’s crown can be worn both of male and female Final Fantasy XIV players. It will look cute on Lalafells, but it will also fit well to stumbling Roegadyn players. Finally, everyone deserves to feel pretty. As soon as you have received the crown, put it for safe storage in your glamor dresser. That way, you can use it in all your future outfits. This crown will only be available during this event, so she does not miss, otherwise you will have to wait until you buy you next year on the Mogry station.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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