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FFXIV: How to group friends in the free trial version

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Final Fantasy XIV can sometimes appear expensive to get into experience, but it’s worthwhile for many players around the world. In particular, there are several ways to access players now on a large extent Final Fantasy XIV content, whether paid methods or for free. Such a free method is to download the illustrious and well-documented “free trial version” for the game with which you can play the entire basic game with the Heavensward extension up to Level 60 for free before you have to pay for the full game and / Or the monthly subscription. However, if you are playing with the free trial, may you ask yourself how to merge with other people, be it with your partner or your friends, and this guide is guided by the process as you can join in the group FFXIV Free test phase.

How to group in the free trial of FFXIV

It should be noted that it for two players who both use the free trial, unfortunately there is no way to merge. However, there is another way to group in the free trial version, for a player who has the chargeable version of the game to invite you to his party. You can then walk around with you in the areas you can, and to participate in all the different activities where you can participate together for multiplayer mode.

FFXIV FREE TRIAL Restrictions - What You CAN and CAN'T Do!

Whether you’re simply in the ether data center, which recently reopened for new players, stripes through the world stripes or together “msqs”. The reason why two people participating in the trial can not be linked in the game was mainly a deterrent to prevent Botter’s experience that would use the free trial of the game.

_ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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