“Have A Nice Death” Grim Reaper CEO Talks with Employees with Sakai High Speed Rogue Like ACT [Baku Release Play Repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, from Magic Design Studios / Gearbox Publishing on March 9, 2022, we will deliver the explosion play repo of High Speed ​​Log Like ACT “ HAVE A NICE DEATH “, which has been initiated early with PC (STEAM). To do.

# “Have A Nice Death”

This work is a Rogue Like Action Game featuring a dark world view and comically featuring a quick fight. Death of Grim Reaper CEO “DEATH” runs in Death.inc, we will teach you the subordinates to plans lazy employees and looting.

Log Like elements have no improvement in permanent status by circulation play, and they are a system that collects “gold mass” and releases new weapons and buff items. Although there is no improvement in permanent status, it is a means of advancing the battle with a buff item “snack” that is valid until it is defeated.

The early access period is about a year, and according to the roadmap, a new element will be added at least three times. Also, the full version will increase the price.

# Close to the actual content of “Have A Nice Death”!

The player is a burnout syndrome with a spirit of Death.ind “Death”. Each department has executives called “SoRows”, and the management is dangerous such that the operations will penetrate, as a lather executive accepts all without the screening of the soul. The game starts from the place where CEO can stand up when you get a vacation when you remember the boss and remember the order.

CEO “Death” that has been crushed into daily documents. Is it a secretary or secretary? From “Patrick”, to be informed that the Solows ‘Brad’ has created a cause of confusion.

Immediately after the business coach “Hariet” welcomes you and the tutorial will begin. “Rush (invincible condition dash)” to the jump “Rush (with invincible condition dashes), headed by a premary attack with a preamury attack, and Ishizuka is a distorted stage.

If you destroy Ishizuka, sub weapons can be used. When used, you will change to the form of a weapon you got in your mand, and shakes a huge hammer. The end of the stage is a meeting room where the subordinates gather. At the time of the tutorial, although the enemy does not come out, it is a wave style that enemies appear mostly every time you defeat it.

“Special Move” can be used when the “rage” gauge is full of attacking by attacking the enemy. Weapons can be equipped with two sub weapons in addition to the main wolf, and there is a special move in each sub weapon, and if you get a new weapon, you will want to try it immediately.

When the wave is finished, the reward is released and this time won the company “currency” called “Soul Rele”. Then, the recovery item “Anima” is healed and the tutorial ends.

The information you have acquired so far can be confirmed from “Employee Handbook”, and you will get more information such as tutorials and killed enemies, ally employees and weapons. Even if you played the tutorial, it was felt that it was a work that can be expected, such as the smoothness of animation and the production of combo and special move.

# Curse only in the world of death

There is no permanent status of peripheral play in this work. There is a valid buff “curse” until it is defeated, and there is a “funny” that can be temporarily obtained. “Curse” is available from the “MR. Oshi” of the Safety and Health Insponsor, and select one of the curses. If you do not want to be careful, use the item “Rerole” to shall be straight.

Most “Curse (below)” is a positive content that has additional effects such as status improvement, lightning and poison, but may have a random and penalty. Penalty is a curse that improves the degree of difficulty, such as a specific enemy becoming stronger or the shop is closed. You can also strengthen the same kind of buff by selecting a buff of the same color.

Similar to buff, there are various types of weapons and spells more than 30 types. It can be equipped at one time, in addition to the default 鎌, and if you have two installed, choose to discard any one.

As a rogue-like element of this work, the “gold mass” acquired even if defeated can increase in the line play unless consumed. When you talk to the Office Manager’s “Joe” near the President Office at the start of the game, you can use the “Mass” to permanently release items with new weapons and temporary buff elements.

Interesting points fall by a certain number of enemies as a result of a certain number of enemies, and the price of weapons and items falls. However, as weapons increase, the disadvantage that you can not get more favorite weapons and spells…. Carefully how to open.

# Stage configuration

This work is a surface clear type that will advance to the next area when defeated Boss Solows waiting at the end of each department (below). The configuration of each area must proceed with five departments (hereinafter referred to as Stages) before they reach the boss, and board the elevator at the end of the stage to proceed to the next stage.

In addition, the destination is randomly selected every time, and it is possible to predict what items can be obtained from the department’s name to the next stage. Although the stage has changed each time you play, it is a shame that any is simpler, so it is a pity that the current situation can not feel much.

Some departments also have a stage that supports players such as “Shop” and “Machine Room”, and it is counted as one stage of one that does not appear.

“Shop” is randomly placed in two points of recovery items and weapons, and can be purchased using internal currency “Soulery”. Also, if you have a valuable special item called “Prismium”, you can upgrade your shop to increase the number of items.

In the “Machine-Room”, you can use soul Reli as well as a shop, and you can evolve the primary’s Odori using prismium.

When you clear the five stages, executive SoRows will be waiting for boss stage. The first boss “Brad” was a soul screening. Let’s do someone who is the boss! Although the first boss alone is not as much as an attack pattern, the damage of blow is quite painful.

Reducing the physical strength to about half to activate continuous attacks using rocks. Although I used to avoid attacks with dashes, I fell off the attack when I land, defeat… I wish you good luck. Then, we will earn a “gold mass” that is a reward from the past results and pull it back to the president office.

# Sanzuri asking for anima

The enemy of this work is relatively hard, and when it appears in a group such as a wave, there are many damage to attack and damaged…. At that time, it is recovered by the item “Anima” to heal scratches! I would like to say, but this work does not get a very valuable existence of anima.

Even if you defeat the enemy, you can drop items and animers, sometimes you get it many times, and if it’s the next round, it’s not very good for the balance of item appearance rates, such as not getting it once.

Depending on the buff, if you break “Ishizuka”, you may get the effect of getting anima, but it is also random that the buff appears, and it is often not possible. If you defeat the boss, recovery! There is no such aspect that can survive because it does not mean.

It is “Have A Nice Death” that has been introduced here, but it is a work with a high degree of difficulty with a light action and a comical character. In fact, the degree of difficulty is that it is not not receiving a secondary impression on whether the recovery item and a powerful weapon appear.

There is also an early access, and some of the balance of item appearance rates are not too good, and there is a part that is insufficient for translation, but it will be an early access and will be improved in the future.

There is still a dissatisfaction with fewer map variations, but it is said that different changes and enjoyment are pursued for each round. According to the roadmap, large updates are scheduled three times, so it is fun to change how to change. How do you try hardcore log lights? Then “Have A Nice Death”!