A unpublished artwork, Grander,

Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery NYC (2nd Floor) April 2014
The Enpose was the 14th, its MMORPG Grander started selling the artbook.

Grandska is a limited quantity, and the amount is about 300 pages. A special comment, such as a game, concept art, unpublished artwork, sketches, and design intentions, including character, grandwyl and artifacts, and special comments.

When purchasing a artbook, a real hologram illustrated card, which is composed of 6 species of grandwyl and artifacts, representative character ceriadic limited editions and limited edition artifacts, game item diamond (3 thousand), and artbooks.

Grand Saaga ATBOs are sold online by Online by April 4, which comes from 14th through Naver Smartstore. It will be shipped from April 5th, and the smartphone case (iPhone 11 · 12 · 13 series limited) is presented in the first day of the game.

An official official said, “The Art Book, who was released by the Grander’s worldview planning and design philosophy,” said Encap Cell, said, “” Artbook sales proceeds planned to be donated for vulnerable groups that have difficulty in Corona 19. “

Meanwhile, Grandera has been launched in Korea last year as the first project developed by Enpell, and started in Japan in November.