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Critique : Stranger of Paradise : Final Fantasy Origin – Un spin

The first four minutes of ridiculously entitled Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin perfectly plant the decor. There is a kinematics of a black knight annihilating a platoon of soldiers as he wears an unconscious princess on his shoulder. Then you are in a battle of bosses against a creature with several heads without context or justification that begins with a man shouting “bring it! And ends without resolution. Then there is a scene of a man walking in a cornfield while My Way from Frank Sinatra plays only to cut off just before he sang “My Way”. And then, finally, a tutorial where one learns to hit a goblin with a big sword.

These are the first minutes of the game: No explanation, no reasoning, just a lot of things that do not really make sense all together. We had to see again after finishing the game just to make sure we did not have any attack or something like that, but no, that’s how the game begins and it’s just becoming more stupid from of the. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an impious mess of a game, a spectacular car accident of confusing ideas, absurd design choices and an approach to taste and common decency that would be better described as a rider.

Stranger of Paradise is a spin-off developed by Team Ninja for the original Final Fantasy of 1987, a game released while Actor Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, the epaulets were inside and video game stories were light. In this game, the naughty Garland was only a handful of Dickered sprites in the image of a knight, the last obstacle in a Japanese 8-bit role play, devoid of rhyme, reason or significant history. Stranger of Paradise tells an original story featuring a distribution of characters for most new who tries to plant the Final Fantasy decor, giving context to the naughty Garland.

Do we need to know why Garland is a bad guy? Like discovering that Willy Wonka’s father was a cruel dentist in the horrible story of Charlie and Tim Burton’s chocolateer or Dark Vador was a child Emo led to literally upset his wife to death, sometimes we just do not need to know. Sometimes the mystery should not be considered a hole in the narrative, but rather as an infinite opportunity for us to fill themselves the whites. But hey, it’s just us, and Square Enix has other ideas.

The Story of Stranger of Paradise is a nonsense of military quality from beginning to end. There are parts that make Kingdom Hearts looks like an episode of The Wire. Everything is told using characters that walk wearing fantasy ™ final hair cuts and talk about chaos and crystals with about as much fervor as the talking clock. And it is given to us quite impassive, full of melodrama, without humor, without any appreciation of the way the material is laughable, like a movie Devil May Cry made by Zack Snyder.

We have not mentioned yet how much Stranger of Paradise is hideous, so let’s talk about graphics. When you start the game, you have the option to give priority to the frequency of images or resolution, but it is essentially a troll, because the frequency of images collapses despite everything, and the Visuals are totally immond in both modes. There are shredded edges in Gogo, problems with appalling lighting and a blur during the game that must be seen to believe it. It’s like watching an old VHS on a 80-inch TV through a glazed door. Even if you look like, it always looks like a first playstation 4 game.

Without hyperbole, we can say that it is honestly one of the most upsetting video games visually that we have never examined, so much so that the blur – more pronounced in external environments – actually begun to give us a lot of the head. The images do not make him justice – moving, Stranger of Paradise is sometimes really odious, a buffet at will of aesthetic horror to virtually every level imaginable, then some that we probably have not yet imagined.

Better the music. There is the piece of Frank Sinatra mentioned above, a little nude metal, pulsed synths and a lot of choirs that make Ahh ahh ahh. Everything is quite exciting, and a particular classic pattern of Final Fantasy receives a particular veneration during the story in a really very endearing way.

The fight is similar to the NIOH series of Team Ninja but far from being as difficult. This is a SLICE -‘N’-DICE action in the third person in which you keep standard combined attacks with more elaborate finishers and try to build your enemy’s pause counter – once you’ve done Sufficient pause damage, the enemy will collapse and you can complete them in one shot with a simple pressure on the Circle button.

The larger and more flashy movements in combat require MPs and at the beginning, you only have two bars of this thing. But finish enough enemies by breaking them and you will win MPs, which means more Flashy movements, more chaos, more MP. You can build up to six MP bar in total, but if you die, you lose MP bars as a punishment.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review - Noisy Pixel

You can change work on the fly, which offers another tactical element in combat – if you are fighting with a boss vulnerable to physical attacks, you may want to be a warrior, but if your health is weak and you Short potions, going to White Mage could save you life. The fight is usually quite fun, but boss fights are where the game shines. These meetings sometimes in several parts against classic Final Fantasy monsters are large and explosive and sometimes quite difficult.

And here: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. It has become a little spicy in places, this criticism. We had to get out of the old thesaurus several times. But can we shock you with a twisted end? Honestly, despite all the problems, graphic horrors, insipid dialogs and weird tone, we actually liked it. Maybe Sammy will bring us back and bury us with all other reviews that have lost their beads over the years, but we have to call them as we see them.

Listen to us: there is something serious about Stranger of Paradise. At the beginning of the exam, we compared the game to a car accident, and we stick to that and all the critics we addressed. But you must remember that some people like to look at the demolition derbies. Some men just want to look at the world burning. And so, while we could laugh at Stranger of Paradise as often as with him, we really had fun during our 35 hours of play. It’s completely ridiculous and a total mess, but for what it’s worth, c ‘Is a fun mess.


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin thinks it’s the James Bond of Daniel Craig but it’s actually Austin Powers. There is barely a moment in the game that does not look at the credulity, whether it is absurd writing, disconcerting history or foolish characters. There is also a lot of technical problems. But in one way or another, despite everything, it manages to fail up and have a great time. Maybe we lost the plot, but we liked it.

  • A lot of if bad-it’s good times
  • Radical music
  • Fun Boss Fights
  • A good character
  • True reverence for Final Fantasy

  • Graphic problems are outrageous

  • The main character is an Edgelord
  • Other characters are zero
  • The story is absurd

Not bad 6/10

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