Final Fantasy XIV

[Review] Final Fantasy I wanted to be Dark Soldle

Anyway, the death of the exhaustful warriors (resurrected)

There were already 35 years. As a result, ‘Final Fantasy’ was a huge franchise and JRPG’s representative work, as a majority of gamers, and has become a representative work of RPG. It was derived from a number of genres,

Such a final ban leads to the 35th anniversary of the 35th anniversary. The collaboration with the ‘Team Ninja’ with a job in the Congratulations series was sufficient to be interested in many of the announcement. So, ‘Strains of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’ was born with the 3-person action RPG that discast the most cruel and exciting action in the Final Fantasy history.

Game Name : Strains of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin
(Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin)
Classes : Action RPG
Release date : 2022.3.18.


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