How does Activision Blizzard have to change now?

The year 2022 began with the greatest takeover of video game history. For $ 68.7 billion, Microsoft bought the Californian company Activision Blizzard. And thus also ESPORT titles such as Call of Duty, Overwatch or World of Warcraft (WOW), but also the flagship of mobile games – Candy Crush.

What the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal means for gamers

However, the purchase also found the previously created negative headlines a new owner. The list of allegations against Activision Blizzard: sexism, discrimination, toxic culture within the company. The consequences in front of Microsoft’s entry: the stock price fell, sponsors jumped off.

Open questions after the acquisition

So how is it with the escort titles? What will change? Are the games integrated in the Game Pass? And what does the past say: Does such integration work or not? To these and other questions, our host Christian Gürnth will download from 19:30 clock to the Activision Blizzard Esport Talk.

There he welcomes two interlocutors. On the one hand Florian Merz . He works in front of the TV channel “Sport1” as well as behind the camera and knows well with espport – whether League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2 or Fortnite.

On the other hand Marcel ‘Sl4sh’ Reiske . He works mainly as an intensive hospital – in his leisure Castet and stream the tournaments around Warcraft III (WC3). In addition, he is Team Manager of the WC3 Team Playing Ducks.

Exciting questions and maybe one or the other tip to Microsoft. We stream our talk live on Twitch \ – There you are cordially invited to join. Be ask it, or comments – in the chat you can get rid of it all.